Friday, 20 March 2015

Too Confident Will Destroy Your Trading Account

Buddy Trading Gold - Everything was not excessive either. If you eat too much spicy food, usually tends to cause abdominal pain. If you are too much sleep usually cause you're too lazy to move. Well, in trading too. Too confident aliases over confidence and over-trade will drive you to the brink of loss. Disease "too" is plagued most traders. Whose name defect certainly not good, then it should be avoided.

You Need Confidence, Home In Reasonable Limits
Confidence is necessary in your trading activities. Traders who do not have the confidence, the trader is not ideal. Trader as it is usually too rely on the analysis of others and into the market based on the analysis. It is not allowed to see other people's analysis as a second opinion. But if you are too dependent on the analysis of others then your confidence will grow. If the analysis is wrong, you will tend to blame the person.
Train your confidence. One way is to practice beforehand using DEMO ACCOUNT before entering the real market.

Over Confidence Ancestor Over Trade
Buddy Way Gold Investment - excessive confidence usually tend to make too bold a trader to enter the market. He will tend to forget yourself, the more often go to the market and is fatal in their trading accounts. It will go against the market trend and with congkaknya think that the price would have turned to follow his predictions. Trader is generally forgotten endurance strength of their funds, which eventually runs out.
If you want to become a successful trader, you should mentally prepare traders are confident, but do not get stuck in over self-confident. Susahkah? Time and processes that can talk.

Ok dude Trading Gold To train and test the ability of trading skills Trading Plan you please use the DEMO ACCOUNT before really using real account

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