Friday, 20 March 2015

3 Mistakes That Restrict Your Trading Profit

Companions Online Gold Investment - Is your trading now could not be consistent? You may be able to profit in three consecutive transactions but the transaction to four of your loss. And more cruel loss you experienced in these four transactions to singe your profits already obtained in 3 transactions in the beginning was. You've certainly never experienced an incident trading as above instead?

Well on this occasion I will review this error is usually done by traders, particularly novice traders. The goal is to attain a consistent profit could, in the sense that although the loss of the two times is not singe benefits already obtained previously.There are three basic things that limit the potential for huge profits that you can actually get, namely:
1. Put Volume Transaction Wise (Lot)Placing the number of lots can be an important element in your trading activities. This can be a differentiator when compared between catching fish catch big or small fish catches in recent times.
But that must be considered to know in advance how much you are willing to accept the risk. In addition, you also have to know when to try to catch a big fish or when to minimize your risk.
2. Inability to Adapt With Market ConditionsTo maximize the movement in the market, then you should be able to know and to be flexible with changes in price movements in the market. You can not expect to make a profit in large quantities while volatility or price movements are very low and prices move in a narrow range.You should know the condition of the market and should be aware of the advantages or risks that you want to accomplish. Always plan your trading with market conditions.
3. FearAre you sure you, get in position when the price has risen Buy and Sell when the price has fallen can help you take advantage of the momentum? The answer is probably yes, but there are drawbacks as well.
First you will never get the best price for you entered when the price already amid of a trend and the second you get out of your position when the price will be corrected.
For example, you enter a Buy position when the trend is strong enough but you influx amid not the time trend began to take shape, which is usually marked by a break of support or resistance. You all must have known even if the price moves in no time trend will undergo correction. Well, when this correction which usually makes you feel uncertain or afraid whether the price will turn around so you hurry hurry to close your position.
This fear happens when you enter the position is not at the beginning of a trend, but amid the trend so that when the corrected price will be close to the price of the position that you took earlier.
This fear can also be caused by the influence of the two points above that you are not able to adapt or read the market. Remember graphs or data that economic data become your reference in trading do not trade by feeling, supposing us who want to travel to a place we've never visited then we will need a map in order to know where we are and not get lost, well in trading charts and data The economy becomes a map in your trading.

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